One comment on “We should be more supportive of projects like this…

  1. We have simulation shooting buildings in the Marine Corps. They SUCK. You can be in any position, standing, sitting, kneeling, and prone. The targets are displayed on a large wall for up to 10 shooters (as I remember it.) Little stereotypical turban headed men run down a hill and start shooting at you. There is no bio feedback if you get shot; I think an electric prod would be great reinforcement. You shot the bad guys for 10 minutes with your infrared M-16 (which I DID NOT carry in Iraq) and get a very small kick from the air hose that is connected to the rifle; another stretch of reality. While I am all about technology, I have not seen anything that compares to the real deal. Shoot houses are great and using simulation rounds (wax tipped 5.56mm bullets) really enforce the point as they hurt like hell when you get shot. I thought I lost a nipple after one day in the MOUT facility. My “buddy” shot me up with a Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW). I looked like I jumped on the preverbal grenade; this one would be a bee hive grenade. A hot shower did not help and loving my wife was a painful and embarrassing endeavor. She said I looked like I had large pox… a reference to the small pox inoculation I got earlier that week. hahaha. So go out and shoot your buddies and I will wait on technology to catch up with real guns. I am done with the gun slinging life. I rather shoot bears on my Wii.

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